Over the last years Cyprus has been managed to be developed as one of the most ideal places for International Trusts due to its law tax regime and the country’s ability to offer favourable structures and setup collective investment schemes.

Trusts are usually used from high wealth individuals in order to protect their property from inheritance or capital gains taxes in their home country.

Cyprus Trust Law is based on the English Trustee Act of 1925. In 1992, Cyprus brought into force The International Trust Law (No. 69/1992) which has been provided for the formation and administration of Cyprus International Trust.

One of the most important benefits of the Cyprus Trust is that the Cyprus Tax Law exempts such trusts from income tax, capital gains tax and estate duty tax making Cyprus International Trusts a very attractive planning vehicle for the non-resident investor.

Here in GCIE, our team of highly experienced professionals can advise you on establishing a Cyprus International Trust in order to secure your property with the most favourable structures for your business.

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